Colloidal Silica for CMP

Colloidal silica slurries for semiconductor chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) with Klebosol?.

Precision colloidal silica

Klebosol??precision colloidal silica slurries enable chip manufacturing by precisely planarizing the topography created during film deposition. Klebosol?’s superior formulation maintains its particles in optimum suspension bringing the top layer of the wafer to a critical uniform surface.

Slurries enable CMP processes through both chemical and mechanical interaction with the film being planarized.?Klebosol? colloidal silica slurries?have been used globally by chip makers since the introduction of CMP in the industry because of the following benefits:

  • Purity
  • Consistency and?
  • Low defectivity

Through computer controlled manufacturing processes and world class quality systems,?Klebosol? slurries?deliver the performance required by the most advanced chip makers at a competitive cost of ownership.

Our experienced technical teams keep our slurry technology ahead of industry roadmaps, while our global manufacturing sites minimize the risk of supply chain disruption, ensuring uninterrupted chip production.

Uniform particle size

Klebosol?'s uniformly controlled particle size provides consistent, low defect results on the most technically demanding films.


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