Brand Protection - More than meets the eye

Products must be unique – on the outside and in terms of their inner qualities. But are your products also easy to tell apart from counterfeits? Yes – thanks to the hidden protection of our security solution.

Brand protection inside of your product...

...goes unnoticed on the outside

You know?everything about?your brands?and products?–?every fine detail, including?how to offer customers?unique?solutions. But?criminals are getting better and better at copying?this?special?know-how. Despite?international efforts to curb copycats, counterfeits?now?threaten all kinds of?markets and industries, from cosmetics to?fashion, pharma,?and automotive.?The financial?impact?of?fake products can be monumental, not to mention the catastrophic?effect?they have on?consumer?opinion.?When customers buy?an?expensive?product and?it?starts?falling apart?after?a?couple of days,?they might still believe it was the genuine article?–?even though you know?it was?just?an?authentic-looking?counterfeit. Not only?can this?lose?you?customers,?but?disgruntled?purchasers?almost always?tell?others. With modern?social media and?product review?websites, this is bad enough for the reputation of premium fashion items.?But when customers in medical markets unknowingly buy a counterfeit pharmaceutical product, the?results of taking?fake?medicine?may not just be fatal for your brand.

Despite every effort to continuously?check?products?and keep a?close?eye on supply chains, business is now so international that protecting?brands?and?authenticating?products?at every stage of every process can be extremely expensive. Simply?relying?on?people to carry out visual counterfeit?checks?is not enough. If only there were a different – more covert – way to check products. And there is.

Read on to explore more about our solutions for protecting your brands and products: Our Securalic? security pigments.

Our solution for your brand protection

Securalic??helps confirm to others what you and your experts already know about a counterfeit: it’s a fake. It does so from the inside out – meaning that the tell-tale signs are not visible to the naked eye. This makes it?easier and safer?for people in all kinds of places to help you and your business partners protect your valuable brand and products along the entire customer value chain.

Securalic? Reveal?offers?special pigments for unseen security.?Invisible?to?the eye, the taggants used in?Securalic? Reveal?can only be detected using?special sensors. This provides you with welcome support in protecting your valuable intellectual property at all?stages of the?supply chain.?Our?taggants are?100%?reliable and?extremely?discreet.?If required,?we?can even offer you individual?solutions to?match?your?specific?needs.?Securalic? Reveal taggants can be incorporated?directly into:

  • Polymer/masterbatch??
  • Coatings?
  • Printing inks?
  • Fibers?
  • Any other kind of manufactured?material?


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