Conductive coatings

Sometimes a tiny spark caused by static electricity can bring consequences. There’s a simple but effective way to stop static electricity from discharging: make material surfaces antistatic and conductive.

Leading electricity in the right direction: away

Electricity is?central to almost every area?of?modern?life.?Without it, many things would simply grind to a halt. Like water,?electrostatic charge?tries to?flow?in order?to?create an equilibrium.?So?if two?objects?with unequal electrostatic charges?touch (or come close), they?try to?balance the equations?of electrical charge?in a fraction of a second.?Ever pulled off a?sweater?in the dark and?seen?tiny?sparks? Or?heard that?distinctive?crackling noise?as your hair?stands?on end??You might be shocked to learn that up to?2,000 volts?of?static electricity?can be discharged?through your?hair or?skin.?But what’s similarly?shocking?is that even?30 volts?of static in an electronic component?are?enough?to cause?significant?damage.?

With all this electricity?zapping?around us and static?simply dying?to be discharged, manufacturers?have to?put a?great deal?of?thought?into protecting?products and materials.?From?the?microchips and circuit boards?of?household electronics to?industrial plants?and laboratories - every sensitive product that could be damaged by charging and discharging needs to be protected.

One of the best ways to?avoid?static electricity?from?building up?in the first place?and causing accidents?is to use conductive materials. These can now be found on floors?and a whole host of?small items?all?around us?(such as?packaging).?The right?conductive?properties?make?static?electricity?easy?to control?and help?protect people?(and products)?from disastrous?discharges.

Read on to explore our solutions for creating conductive coatings: Our Iriotec? 7000 pigments

Our Solution for conductive coatings

Our?Iriotec? 7000?conductive pigments allow?manufacturers of surface coatings, paints, and varnishes?to add important?conductive?properties to their solutions.?Incredibly effective at eradicating static electricity – that’s the function of our?Iriotec? 7000?range of pigment additives in a nutshell. Available in a variety of light colors and transparent formats, they?offer?outstanding performance.?The?surface resistance?offered by our pigments ranges?from 10^4?to 10^9?ohms, making them suitable?for a wide range of applications:

  • Conductive floorings
  • Conductive primers that enable electrostatic spray application (ESTA)?
  • Antistatic coatings, also translucent if required

High voltage engineering

Our Iriotec? 7000 can also be used for high voltage engineering. Please get in touch with us to explore more how we can support your high voltage projects.


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